Work with Delgado

We are seeking hard working empathetic people who understand the true change we create for our customers. Delgado is growing and so is our team. This is your opportunity to join a team of diverse people and make an impact.

Ideal candidates should read the following and feel we are describing everything you are.

  • You will be hands on with a team of people working to clear, organize and clean a variety of different location types. 
  • You are able to see beyond the visual and empathetically connect with our customers.
  • You have a knack for customer service and enjoy doing quality work and being rewarded.
  • You are available full-time and can lift 50 lbs.
  • You do not have any past physical injuries that would prevent you from lifting loading and clearing objects of varying weight for over 4 hours daily.
  • You love Oakland and it's community and want to exhibit this in your work.

If all these things describe you, please fill out your information below and someone from our team will be in contact should there be interest. 


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